the odd COUPLE

Sara-Jeanne played Gwendolyn Pigeon for The Victoria Playhouse,  Petrolia.

Director: Linda Cash

Cast: Mark Weatherley , Jonathan Ellul, Kevin Kruchkywich, J.Sean Elliot, Rachel Jones, Scott Robert Fink, and Patric Masurkevitch

Book by: Neil Simon

“Rachel Jones as Cecily and Sara-Jeanne Hosie as Gwendolyn are excellent comedic actors creating many laugh-out-loud moments. -Mary Alderson,The beat magazine

The two girls add the perfect pitch to the play as “the Pigeon sisters’, infusing old fashioned estrogen into an otherwise testosterone laden atmosphere. Beautiful, sexy, fun and giddy, their performance is so infectious that I’m sure Neil Simon couldn’t have asked for a better pair. -TI Eller, The Observer