Sara-Jeanne played Sarah for The Arts Club at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage.

Director: Bill Millerd
Choreographer: Valerie Easton
Musical Director: Bruce Kellett

Music and Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim
Book by: George Furth

Sara-Jeanne Hosie and Mark Burgess are hilarious as Sarah and Harry, a couple who relentlessly nag and poke at each other.” -The Globe and Mail


Robert is a well-liked single man living in New York City, whose friends are all married or engaged couples: Joanne and Larry, Peter and Susan, Harry and Sarah, David and Jenny, and Paul and Amy. It is Robert’s 35th birthday and all his friends have gathered at his apartment to give him a surprise party (which Robert already expects due to a revealing telephone message left by the neurotic Amy). None of the couples know any of the others; they all just know Robert. At the party, Robert tries to blow out the candles, but they stay lit. The others encourage him that his birthday wish will still come true, though he has wished for nothing, since his married friends are all that he needs (“Company”).