songs for a new world

songs for a NEW WORLD

Sara-Jeanne co-directed and co-choreographed Songs For a New World for Not Another Musical Co-op at Pacific Theatre

Musical Director:Sean Bayntun
Sings and Lyrics by: Jason Robert Brown
Starring: Daren Herbert, Alison MacDonald, Jennie Neumann, and Jonathan Winsby.

Under Sara-Jeanne Hosie and Shane Snow’s direction, the four cast members all deliver stellar performances.” -Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“The ubiquitous and multi-talented Sara-Jeanne Hosie co-directs and co-choreographs with Shane Snow. Their synchronized choreography worked well in “The Steam Train”-Review Vancouver

“Performer Jonathan Winsby and co-director Sara-Jeanne Hosie are among my favourite local musical theatre artists so I knew the show had a good pedigree.”-Jerry Wasserman, The Globe and Mail