glory DAYS

Sara-Jeanne directed and choreographed Glory Days for The BOYS upstairs at the Culture Lab, The Cultch

Musical Director:Nico Rhodes
Set & Lighting Designer Ian Schimpf
Sound Cosultant: Geoff Hollingshead
Stage Manager: Caryn Fehr
Starring: Darren Burkett, Adam Charles, Brandyn Eddy and Colin Sheen
Musicians: Nico Rhodes, Eugene Burton, Marisha Devoin, and Alicia Murray

Director Sara-Jeanne Hosie keeps the show moving along with precise choreographed flourishes and light and fun energy.” -David C Jones, OUTTV

“Director Sara-Jeanne Hosie maintains an even, lively pace” -John Jane, Review Vancouver

Glory Days is a seventy-minute musical revue by Nick Blaemire (music and lyrics) and James Gardiner (book) that has at its core a poignant coming-of-age story where the four young protagonists must suddenly accept the transition of high school kinship idealism to adult world realism.