altar BOYZ

Sara-Jeanne Choreographed Altar Boyz for The Arts Club Theatre Company in 2009 and the show was remounted in 2011/12.

Director: Bill Millerd
Musical Director: Sasha Niechoda
Set Designer: Ted Roberts
Lighting Designer: Marsha Sibthorpe
Costume Designer: Sheila White
Sound Designer: Andrew Tugwell
Book by: Kevin Del Aguila
Music and Lyrics by: Gary Adler & Michael Patrick Walker
Conceived by:Marc Kessler & Ken Davenport


Sara-Jeanne Hosie’s choreography is witty, athletic, and sometimes downright acrobatic; the cast members execute it with impressive energy and precision.” -The Georgia Straight, Colin Thomas

The choreography by Sara-Jeanne Hosie belongs on any boy band circuit and is even too good for most while the music is tight and genuinely catchy-The Vancouver Observer

Sara-Jeanne Hosie’s choreography captures all of the iconic boy band moves to great effect and has obviously worked hard to highlight the strengths of the different actors. -Mark Robins, Gay Vancouver



Watch out ‘N Sync, the Altar Boyz are coming to town! Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham-the gefilte fish out of water-can sing and dance with the best of them, and these heartthrobs want to praise the Lord with funk and rhyme. With lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and “Jesus called me on my cell phone” this irreverent (but never mean-spirited) musical-comedy will wash your soul clean with laughter.

ALTAR BOYZ is a foot-stomping, rafter-raising, musical comedy about a fictitious Christian boy-band on the last night of their national “Raise the Praise” tour. The Boyz are five all-singing, all-dancing heartthrobs from Ohio: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham. With their tight harmonies and spectacular choreography, the ALTAR BOYZ will delight your audiences. As they perform their signature hits such as “Rhythm In Me,” “The Calling,” and “I Believe,” the Boyz question their loyalty to each other and ask whether or not faith is really holding them together. They finally deliver a message of unity, that “there is no star as bright as its constellation, no harmony in a single voice.”

-Rogers and Hammerstein Organization

Photo (top) of Charles McEachern, David Hurwitz, Jeremy Crittenden, Geoffrey Stevens and Vincent Tong by David Cooper