direction & CHOREOGRAPHY

Sara-Jeanne’s passion for Direction and Choreography grows stronger everyday. The last few years have brought her such pieces as My Fair Lady, The Buddy Holly Story, Chickens, Blood Brother, and most recently assisting Robert McQueens Man of La Mancha at the Stratford Festival.
Being the outside eye, painting the picture, watching the story grow and take shape is not only a beautiful gift but extremely rewarding. Her passion and intrigue is in the language of Directing and Choreographing. She is fascinated with the art of communication. Although it is important to her that her company embrace her vision and style, learning how each individual actor communicates and what choreography feels comfortable on them is part of the challenge that Sara-Jeanne enjoys most.

Sara-Jeanne loves story telling, and is known for her clean aesthetic. When creating a musical the art of smooth transitions is of utmost importance to her. The precious moment before an actor breaks into a song or dance is treated with patience and great care. This ensures that the momentum of the piece does not collapse… at least thats the goal. Movement and music should not only support the story but aid the actor in forwarding the journey of their character. She has found that open collaboration is the best way to handle these delicate transitions and the key to finding the most honest path. Sometimes, this may mean letting go of her original thoughts to find something that works best for a specific artist. This is most crucial in choreography when working with an actor with little to no dance training.

As long as clear concise choices are made during the creation, Sara-Jeanne believes that if you leave the pride at the door, and stay open to others’ ideas, it will inevitably help develop the most interesting piece. It’s all in the layering … guiding your actors and artistic team, and trusting in yourself to see the whole picture. This, you can only hope, will bring the story alive in it’s truest form.

Sara-Jeanne looks forward to years of applying these theories to her craft, and gaining many more tools along the way. She hopes to keep directing and choreographing on a regular basis and, one day when the stars aline, become the Artistic Director of a Canadian Theatre Company.