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songs for a new world



• a very brief period of time• an exact point in time • an appropriate time for doing something; an opportunity.

Do you quit your job? Leave your Spouse? Swallow your pride and call your father? Give that stray dog a home? Take a drag of that cigarette? Tell your best friend you’re in love with them? Open that bag of cookies? Say the words? Say yes? Say no? Lose your patience? Embrace God? Be late because you’d rather stay in bed with the warm body next to you? Have that one last drink? Tell the whole truth? Ask? Drive the speed limit? Spare a nickel? Have a child? Take that trip?

It’s about one moment, however small or extraordinary when you have to make a choice. Make a choice and watch it, like magic, effect every moment there after.

Directors Notes- Sara-Jeanne Hosie and Shane Snow




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