queen of the gays

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“SJ’s the queen of the gays” A now commonly used phrase among my friends and family, and a title I could not be more proud of.

It all started back in 2006 when I was doing Cabaret at the Arts Club.

Here’s the thing, my whole life, I have found myself, delightfully, surrounded by gay men. Many of whom you will hear me talk about on here or meet through my nosie hosie vlog. Fabulous men that I adore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t given that title by just having awesome and close gay friends, or by pursuing a man so fiercely that I literally dragged/forced him out of the closest. Those are just facts that make this tale I’m about to tell amusing for those close to me.

Once upon a time I was playing Sally Bowles. A role made most famous by LIZA…  mhmm… you see where this is going? I was out in the lobby visiting with some friends when a lovely man tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, “Hi there” I said, scanning his face for any clue that we had met before. We hadn’t. “Hi Sara-Jeanne… I just wanted to tell you something. Do you have a moment?” he said to me in a soft and sweet tone. “Of course”, I replied, curiosity peaked. “Well, my friends and I have been watching you perform for many years now and we come to all of your shows”. I was flattered and probably blushed, as I’m always stunned to hear that people come to the theatre just for me, “Thank-you”, I said. “Well… I want you to know that in my community of friends we call you THE QUEEN OF THE GAYS”, he stated in a beautifully serious way. I laughed and said, “I could not be more flattered and honored to hear this!! Thank-you and I will try to maintain that title with all of you for as long as I can!” I gave him a huge hug, thanked him again and found myself desperate to find Jeremy Crittenden to share this news because I knew he would laugh his ass off, and be very proud of me, of course. I was right, he did, and he was.

In February, when I was back in Chemainus directing Buddy Holly, I was working with people who knew I had been donned with this title. My friend Daniel Pitout started to sing this hilarious rendition of SJ’s the queen of the Gays in the green room one night after a long day of tech. Soon, other cast members were jumping in with harmony lines etc…. epic and awesome. I recorded it on my phone and it accidentely deleted (this was a very sad moment for me and I hope Daniel will re-create it in the future so you can hear it)

However, I do have this video of my dear friends Darren Burkett and Janet Gigliotti  singing a rendition that we created after a few glasses of wine. I’m considering making it one of the theme songs for the nosie hosie vlog and perhaps having a contest challenge for those who want to send in their own version. It certainly doesn’t have to have the same lyrics, as I will be interviewing many people… not just the gays:)

I share it with you now…


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  1. Sylvia Hosie says:

    …hilarious – love it…

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