8 Responses to "nosie hosie episode#2"
  1. Sylvia Hosie says:

    TOTALLY DELIGHTFUL – both of you!!!! I know, I know, I think I am probably the first to watch this episode, but I was smiling all the way through. Monique, I know how much SJ loves you – I can see why you two are such great friends!!

  2. So much fun. I am enjoying these interviews.
    Thanks for sharing, Sara-Jeanne!

  3. Well that was a lot of fun! What a lovely interview.

  4. Aunty Dodo says:

    Sara-Jeanne … you are one of the most remarkable ladies I know. Not just saying that because you’re a blood relative … ha! ha! Your blogs are great … so fun to watch … you are so talented … take a bow.
    Give my love & hugs to Monique … a great gal & a wonderful performer.
    Love you more … xoxo A. Dodo

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