WOW! i am finally a grown up.

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My parents have this ongoing saying, “Oh dear… seniors moment” used for when they forget their phone number, forget to turn the stove off, or when they call you by your brothers, or better yet your pets name rather than your own. I find it quite amusing. I mean, aside from the natural fear of my parents getting older, I find the moments and the saying quite amusing.

The other day I was out for lunch with a girlfriend who has a niece that is a tween (meaning a pre-teen). They have a very close relationship so the tween was showing her a note that someone at school had written her. It read something like this.

Hey Girl, I just wanted you to know that you are SMEXY!

I said to her, “SMEXY? What’s that? Is that like LMAO or LOL or BTW or OMG?”. With a delightful giggle my friend replied, “I don’t know”

I suddenly felt so uncool. I suddenly felt older. I suddenly felt out of the loop. I suddenly was having something resembling a seniors moment. I have labeled it a “grown-up moment” Now, I know when you’re a tween all you want to have is grown-up moments, and to be treated like a grown-up. So all through your teenage years you fight to eliminate the word “like” from your vocabulary. Your twenties hit and you work towards having your own place rather than sharing a flat with 4 other people. You start to develop lasting friendships full of sincerity and truth,rather than judgement and competition. But you never really feel grown up… UNTIL moments like these!! Until moments when you have to look up a cool slang word on the internet.

Soooo, I did. I looked it up on the handy Samsung think box (a.k.a my phone) that conveniently lay waiting patiently to be used on the table between us. I think about how my parents must have had their “grown-up moment” when someone tapped on their little keyboard in the middle of a classy restaurant and said, “The days of the paper dictionary and encyclopedia are gone.”

So here it is… I thought i’d start at the root. Funny, it’s not at all like LOL or LMAO. haha.

Meaning of SMEX from the urban dictionary

1. Used in fangirl circles as a cooler sounding variant to “sex.” Can also mean: hot, sexy, cute, cool.
Other meanings vary on use. Be sure to check context!
Used most often in conjunction with “teh”.
He is so smexin.
Itz teh smex!
I so wanna smex him.
Meaning 2. A combination of the words smut and sex. While sex can refer only to the mechanics of the act, the addition of smut into the equation (meaning to make obscene or pornographic) gives it a more vulgar connotation than just sex by itself.
This also applies to smexy. To be sexy is to arouse interest (even unintentionally), but to be smexy is to arouse sexual interest in a pointedly lewd manner.
I found a fic featuring my two favorite characters engaging in hot smex. 
The images conjured in my mind by the story were so smexy I got a nosebleed.
Meaning 3. word for sex on chat rooms that wont allow the word ‘sex’ and will ban you if you say it.
girlfreind- hey babe
girlfreind-wanna have sex?
boyfreind- dont say that they will ban you on zwinky
girlfreind-oh ya wanna have smex?
boyfreind- oooohhh ya!
Well, now you know. I feel that much Smexier now, don’t you?
5 Responses to "WOW! i am finally a grown up."
  1. Lesley says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sara-Jeanne, it is hilarious and so crazy isn’t it? I can’t keep up with the new lingo either, thanks for sharing your findings! :D

  2. hillbillycal says:

    You think thats bad, we were sitting at dinner tonight and Liam started, at the top of his voice, singing…

  3. Sylvia Hosie says:

    ….my adorable angelic looking grandson knows that song?????!!!!!!

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