sara-jeanne’s DEBUT ALBUM

In Case You Didn’t Know is the 12-track debut album from performer, director, and choreographer Sara-Jeanne Hosie, with music and lyrics written by Hosie and arrangements with Nico Rhodes (with one exception “Roll Along”  written by her dear friend, Avery Brown) Recorded in February at the Lois Lane Studios (Nanaimo) with Rhodes (piano and saxophone) and James McRae (drums), Marisha Devoin (bass), Marty Shepard (trumpet), and Nathan Tinkham (guitar).

A cross between K.D Lang and Adele, with a hint of Bette Midler, the album offers ballads from the heart and tunes people can groove to. With a unique mixture of heartbreak, innocence, and humour, Hosie has stayed true to herself as a person and performer. She explains, “I didn’t want people to go home with a CD after one of my shows and say, ‘Whaaat? This is crazy heavy metal punk acid… NOT AT ALL the girl we just heard sing for 2 hours,’ you know?  I am confident that if people liked what they heard on stage (let’s hope) that they will enjoy my CD as I show them personal pieces of myself.”

One of the ways Sara-Jeanne and her band plan on making a unique mark is with their “improv songs.” At the release party for the album, they asked the audience for a name, place, or subject matter, as well as a style of tune, and made up a song up on the spot for them. In this case, that resulted in a song about Canucks goalie Luongo and a song called Marvin and Bill, about her cat and Arts Club Artistic Managing Director Bill Millerd. They plan to incorporate this into every gig they do. As Hosie says, “It gives people another reason to come back as there will ALWAYS be a new tune to hear!”

Add Sara-Jeanne to your music library today!  Let her accompany you in the car on the way to work or while you’re relaxing at home. If you want a signed copy, please feel free to email her.