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photo by emily cooper

I was browsing a couple of beauty blogs today and it suddenly occurred to me that I could share the beauty products I have discovered over time and have grown to LOVE with you! So, ladies, this one’s for you! And Gentlemen, well, take some notes because Christmas is coming and I guarantee the lady in your life will adore any of these beauty finds.

First of all, it is so important to invest in a good moisturizer and eye cream. My friend Sarah (who always has radiant skin) got me onto some great products last year. Go to and browse. ANY of the skin products on this site are amazing. My must have product is their JUST PURE moisturizer. Makes me so happy! My skin has never felt better.
After cleansing and applying moisturizer, add a beautiful glow to your cheeks with BENEFIT’s Highbeam. For your lips, I recommend two products. For the day, I highly recommend LANCOMBE’S juicy tubes – the best lip gloss on the market hands down! For the evening, I recommend MAC lipstick any MAC lipstick because MAC has the best Lipstick! Did I make that clear enough? Now, while we are on the subject of MAC, I also highly recommend their fluidline eyeliner. It comes in a little jar, so you need an eyeliner brush to apply it. It stays on all day and comes in so many great colours!

Are you tired of having your mascara end up under your eyes? In the corner of your eyes? All over your face after a sad movie? Well, let me introduce you to ELIZABETH ARDEN… her mascara rocks!! I am also a fan of LANCOME mascara, but lately Arden gets the vote! For your hair, I have not found a better product line than BUMBLE AND BUMBLE! Any and all!
Now, you might be thinking, “Sara-Jeanne always looks disheveled! Such dull skin, bad hair, crazy makeup!” If these are your thoughts, well, than I would disregard this entire list because these are my staples! Hopefully you aren’t thinking that, but if you are please let me know so I can get some help… maybe a makeover is in order!
Lastly, ladies, the#1 thing that we can do to make our skin glow is to…
Drink a lot of water!

Now get out there and spend some money on yourself.
You deserve it!

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