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Do you ever look at a painting and wish that you painted it? Or, that you could? Do you ever watch someone funny like Ellen and fantasize about being a stand-up comedian? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation about world history, Judaism, or the power of eating raw food and slowly tried to disappear because you have no idea how to contribute? Well, I have and it always gets me thinking of the things I’d like to take more time to learn about. Sometimes we are so engrossed in the career we have chosen (I know this to be true of actors. We love talking shop) that we don’t take the time to live outside the comfort bubble and explore new things. There are things I have always had interest in but have somehow made the “I’m too busy” card far too easy to play.

So, I’ve decided to make a list and choose two things a year, and give them the old college try.

“Two things?” you say, “Two things?! Thats all?” YES, two things, and if i’m flying along in my new found love of studying the history of monkeys, and still have oodles of time to learn how and make raspberry jam on a consistent basis… Well, maybe i’ll add more, but for now, two… a dedicated two. And p.s. not the two above.

Now, i’m not talking about a list of “I want to go on a walk 5 times a week” or “I want to organize my office so everything has a place” That is a whole other blog post, and may just be my next. But, those are short term immediate goals… this list requires serious commitment. :)

I would like to…

Learn to play guitar and or ukelele

Learn to knit

Learn to sew

Take a business class

Take a university course in Theatre history (i could use a refresher)

Learn to speak french

Study life coaching, lifestyle coaching, and image consulting. This is a business I would love to explore having.

Take swing dance classes

Learn to paint

Take an APPLE computer

Take a first aid course (not something i long for but probably smart before having a child. NO! i’m not pregnant, just setting goals. two by two remember)

Study the art of meditation

Take a fashion design/history course

Take a photography course

Learn about woodworking and refurbishing antiques

I think that’s a pretty good list to start with and my two choices for 2012 are to learn to play guitar and or ukelele, and to knit. Let the learning begin.

What is on YOUR list?


4 Responses to "learning TWO BY TWO"
  1. Karina says:

    I have woodworking on my list for this year! I am very excited about it.

    I learned to knit about a year ago (via YouTube!) and I can’t stop. I have a surplus of leg warmers and toques. It’s ridiculous and I love it.

    I’m sure you have knitters in your life, but here is my unsolicited advice:

    Starting out, use good wooden, circular needles. When I started, I used 7mm bamboo needles (bamboo grips the yarn nicely) and a gorgeous chunky merino wool. Spend the extra few bucks on good needles at a nice knitting shop. Make sure to buy yarn that you really LOVE because you will be staring (and swearing) at it for hours. Sign up on Ravelry.com to track your projects and find inspiration. And finally, I believe that a cowl knit in the round is a perfect first project instead of a standard scarf. It takes less time and can be easier.

    • Karina, you’re the best. Thank you for all the great advice! I will take it all to heart. I’m actually quite excited about knitting. My Grandma and Aunt have a group that they go to called THE STITCH AND BITCH. haha… pretty self explanatory. I’d love to get a group of ladies together visit while we knit:) I gotta say though the idea of knitting in the round sounds terrifying to start but I believe you and will do my best! Good luck with wood working!

  2. Connie Hosie says:

    Welcome to the joys of knitting… You’ve got lots of friends who knit – Katey Wright puts many of us to shame:) check out a blog of an acquaintance of mine: It takes balls to knit
    Steve Malcom is an amazing knitter!

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