Becoming Kate

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In this video SJ takes you behind the scenes of The Wild Party in a time lapse of her becoming her character Kate.

14 Responses to "Becoming Kate"
  1. That was amazing! You are a pro with that makeup and hair. Love the still shots. Looks like an edgy show.

  2. Rebecca says:

    SJH – that was just awesome! You’re stunning! Cara Rickets ain’t half bad either! Wish I could see the show! Do MORE videos!!! xx

  3. Shawn Standley says:

    Beautiful as any character my friend!

  4. Barbara Pollard says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! I was initially hoping it was the Kate in Kiss Me… but not disappointing at all.

  5. janie says:

    TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!, Now I Remember You……..
    Love, Moi

  6. janie says:

    Now I Remember You………………

  7. Jean Palmer says:

    as only you could do it!!

  8. Del Carson says:

    Such fun going behind the scenes! Thanks, SJ ……!

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