it’s not about COMPROMISE.

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Excuse me while I set up my podium and put on my precious preacher gown. la dee dum dum dum.

Okay… testing testing 1,2,3.

Brothers and Sisters! I am here to tell you it’s not about compromise, it’s about love. When you are with a “match” you honestly don’t ever feel like you’re compromising because you want this thing that you care so deeply about, this precious rare relationship to last, to be fulfilled. You want the relationship to be fulfilled so then you and your love can sit back, relax and enjoy eachother knowing that you’ve taken care of it. It’s happy… and so, so are you.

It shouldn’t be hard.

Now, I know what “THEY” say… the famous “THEY”… I can just hear them, “Relationships are hard”. Well, i’m calling their bluff. Afterall, THEY do contradict themselves on a regular basis. Yes, there are battles. Yes, there are moments of tension. But listen, do YOU need to go for a walk on your own or take a yoga class to breathe deeply and de-stress? Yes? Well, guess what?

So does your relationship.

That’s natural. But, are you finding yourself crying more than laughing? Yelling more than yelling the good way? (wink) Or talking about problems more than talking about blessings? If so, then you need to allow yourself, no, respect yourself and your co-pilot enough to know if it ain’t right, it’s wrong.So many of us stay and hold on for soooo long… waiting for it to be different. We keep trying to jam that square peg into a round hole (that’s what she said) because we’re afraid. Afraid of failure. Afraid that we’ll “never meet anyone ever again”

Simply not true!

    First of all, it is never a failure if you tried. Ever, ever, ever. If you never risk, you’ll never win. The key is to believe in yourself enough to know that you can win. Now, I know some of you are thinking, “Oh Sara-Jeanne, I told you so.” while others are thinking, “Oh SJ, I know you’re a bride-to-be and you’re in the euphoric stage and all, but what you don’t know yet is that marriage is hard”

I do know that. I have been surrounded by and observed many successful relationships in my life and because of my obvious fascination with this topic I have watched closely to see how they survive (that’s a whole other blog) I’ve seen hard times. Watched people go through hell together. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the everyday. The day to day experience of love. And that, my friends… should NOT be hard.

    It should be joyful and exciting and FUN. If it’s not, then why the heck are you doing it?

Trust me. It’s out there. Maybe you have it already. Maybe you’ve stumbled on it several times. Maybe you let it go and haven’t built up the courage to get it back or maybe you’re just not a believer… yet. Well, i’m here, inspired to blog again because of it, to tell you this… It’s out there and it’s brilliant.

Love is brilliant.

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