a dad to admire

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I was so unbelievably lucky to grow up watching my parents on the stage. Extraordinary talents. My father has the most beautiful voice and I  was so thrilled when someone shared this video of him in Feux Follets on youtube, so I decided to post it on here. It’s a beautiful memory. Everywhere I go in this industry I run into or work with people who worked with my dad and they only have the best things to say about him. Truly. This warms my heart as I only have the best things to say about him too. He has not only been the funniest, and most supportive dad on the planet, but he’s also been the best example of the kind of grace that I strive to have on the stage. Some people just belong there because they make you feel at ease… Bill Hosie, my father was and is one of those people.

He’s VERY happily retired now and I hope the people he shares the golf course with three times a week realize how lucky they are. They’re golfing with a daughters hero and a Canadian Theatre super star.

So here is the video. There are  two versions out there and one has my mother in it, dancing beautifully. I chose to share this one because the sound warbles more in the other (it does in this one too) and I think my dad would appreciate me choosing the less of the warble evils:) haha… even though there are awesome moments of him singing to her in the other…

He starts at 8:28 in…

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