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wonder woman WARDROBE

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Do you ever look at your wardrobe and think, “oh my gosh I have so many pairs of jeans! I have so many t-shirts! I have so many clothes that I find it challenging to even put together an outfit!” ?

Well, I’m here to tell you that, you’re not the only one.


WOW! i am finally a grown up.

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My parents have this ongoing saying, “Oh dear… seniors moment” used for when they forget their phone number, forget to turn the stove off, or when they call you by your brothers, or better yet your pets name rather than your own. I find it quite amusing. I mean, aside from the natural fear of [...]

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learning TWO BY TWO

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Do you ever look at a painting and wish that you painted it? Or, that you could? Do you ever watch someone funny like Ellen and fantasize about being a stand-up comedian? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation about world history, Judaism, or the power of eating raw food and slowly tried to disappear because you have no idea how to contribute? Well, I have and it always gets me thinking of the things I’d like to take more time to learn about. Sometimes we are so engrossed in the career we have chosen (I know this to be true of actors. We love talking shop) that we don’t take the time to live outside the comfort bubble and explore new things. There are things I have always had interest in but have somehow made the “I’m too busy” card far too easy to play.


great friend, great tea, GREAT WALL!

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If you go and visit Grandma you always know you’re going to get a great cup of tea. She just has a magic touch. Is it because she heats up the teapot first? Is it because she pours the boiling water right onto the teabag? Or is it because Grandmas just naturally have a way [...]


it’s not about COMPROMISE.

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Excuse me while I set up my podium and put on my precious preacher gown. la dee dum dum dum. Okay… testing testing 1,2,3. Brothers and Sisters! I am here to tell you it’s not about compromise, it’s about love. When you are with a “match” you honestly don’t ever feel like you’re compromising because you [...]