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wonder woman WARDROBE

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Do you ever look at your wardrobe and think, “oh my gosh I have so many pairs of jeans! I have so many t-shirts! I have so many clothes that I find it challenging to even put together an outfit!” ?

Well, I’m here to tell you that, you’re not the only one.

lady collage


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Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Do you ever wonder if we have in fact lived past lives and if they affect us in some way in our current one? For instance, do you ever listen to music from the 60’s or 70s and it for some reason it [...]

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my beauty YES list

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I was browsing a couple of beauty blogs today and it suddenly occurred to me that I could share the beauty products I have discovered over time and have grown to LOVE with you! So, ladies, this one’s for you! And Gentlemen, well, take some notes because Christmas is coming and I guarantee the lady [...]