• In Case You Didn't Know Sara-Jeanne's Album is Available Now

Hi There! I'm Sara-Jeanne. Thanks for stopping by:)

Welcome to my new website! I'm an actor, singer, director, and choreographer who recently moved to Stratford, Ontario. I'm also the proud creator of an album of original tunes called, "In case you didn't know". Please enjoy browsing the site, subscribing to my daily blog, watching my videos, and listening to my album. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, any suggestions you may have, any employment you may have :) or just to say hello.
Most importantly, please come back and visit often!

  • Nosie Hosie with actor Kaylee Harwood

    Due to popular demand and sweet requests from friends, I have returned to being a nosie hosie! In this extended episode i spend time chatting with actor Kaylee Harwood on a sunny-snow day in Stratford. So pour yourself a cup of tea and hunker in for 20 minutes.

  • Becoming Kate

    In this video SJ takes you behind the scenes of The Wild Party in a time lapse of her becoming her character Kate.

  • beauty vlog #3

    In this beauty vlog SJ talks about JUST PURE moisturizer.

  • nosie hosie episode #4

    in this episode SJ interviews the very funny Stephen Patterson

  • music musing #1

    In this music musing SJ shares a song she wrote for her husband Kevin called Wikked Wikked.

  • life in stratford episode #4

    in this episode SJ celebrates learns what it’s like to celebrate Canada day in Stratford with her husband and friends Gerrad and Laura.

  • nosie hosie episode #3

    In this episode, Sj talks to Matthew Armet.

  • life in stratford episode#3

    In this episode, SJ learns whether her thumb is green.